Getting hosting is one of those things that a lot of people think is ministerial in nature. They really do. They think that you’re just going through the motions. They think that it’s really not much different than picking up a lollipop at a corner store.

Now, if that’s your attitude, then you pretty much deserve what you get. And unfortunately, if you are hosting a business site, it can get quite scary.

Make no mistake about it, today’s internet, users are very impatient. They really do not have time for games. If they cannot load a domain name, they probably will not come back. And if they do, they have all sorts of expectations because guess what? You burned them the first time around by not showing up on time. Do you see how this works?

So you have to remember that to be the best in anything, you need reliability. You need to be trustworthy. You need to be able to deliver the kind of experiences people are expecting right on time. That’s how it works.

And that’s why, if you are looking for e-bikes and scooters or any other equipment that enables you to get from Point A to Point B smoothly, quickly and easily, you cannot screw around. Really. You cannot just post a request on Facebook telling your friends and family members, “Hey, I’m thinking of getting a scooter or an e-bike, what can you guys tell me?”

Well, let me tell you, you will get recommendations, that’s not the hard part. After all, Facebook is so awesome because not only would you request get in front of the eyeballs of your friends, there’s a high likelihood, if you make a public post, that will get into the eyeballs of their friends, friends of their friends, and so on and so forth.

It does have an exponential effect, and it’s not unusual for messages that was intended to be quasi public to essentially reach the world and get in front of millions upon millions of eyeballs. So the reach, the communication, the opportunity for feedback is not the problem. The problem here is that most of the stuff that you will get, most of the recommendations that will be given to you would be absolutely worthless.

I know that sounds harsh, but that’s true. Why? Well, those people are not you. That’s the bottom line. They may have different uses, they may have different experiences, they may have different biases, and their use of the product has a different context. Now, why in the world would you trust such a recommendation because it involves such a different setting?

This is the key to proper analysis when it comes to recommended solutions. You have to consider the source. You have to pay attention to the context of the usage that made that recommendation possible. Otherwise, it’s anybody’s guess whether the recommendation that you took from them would actually work in your particular situation. Do you see how this works? Good.

So do yourself a big favor, go to and get the inside scoop on the many different scooters available out there. Pay attention to how they describe these pieces of equipment. Pay attention to the factors that they focus on. Once you have all this information, you can then slice and dice it and try to fit it with your particular context.

That’s how you make a truly informed decision. Chances are quite good you will be happy with the call you made. Otherwise, you’re left basically at the mercy of the biases, preconceptions and bad experiences of people you know. Not exactly an attractive position to be in.

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