Tips on How to Clean Your Garbage Disposal

There a lot of techniques to get your garbage disposal cleaned while also eliminating the bad smells emanating from your garbage disposal. The following are some easy and highly useful tips to help you clean the clogged and smelly garbage disposals.

  • First of all, you would have to clean the visible sections of your garbage dumper. The easiest way to achieve this is by spreading the dishwashing mixture onto a brush. And thereafter begin to scrub the surface and the visible edges of the disposal with the brush and also employ it on the portion of the disposal where the rim is linked to the sink, as there could be little food residuals that might give off foul smelling and also cause bacteria if not removed appropriately.
  • When you make use of the garbage disposal it’s better if you run the water while the process is taking place as it would aid the unit in eliminating the food particles that could be trapped in the housing. Also, ensure that you put the stopper in the sink drain, have the basin filled almost to the middle point and pour some of the vinegar or dish-cleaner into it and then turn on the disposal so as to easily eliminate the food residuals.
  • You could also use rock salt and ice together to clean up your sink disposal. Just empty a big cup of ice cubes into the disposal and add a half-cup of rock salt into it when the disposal has been switched on. The combination of rock salt and ice cubes would easily clean all the residuals of the food particles that cause the foul.
  • Citrus fruits are also another easy and best option when it comes to the cleaning of your garbage disposal. Cut a lime, orange or lemon into little pieces, have the seeds removed and stuff the pieces into the disposal and then switch it on.
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