It’s true that there’s no overnight success, but logos could be one your best overnight investments. Whether you paid a designer to create a logo for you or designed it using an online free logo maker and free download logo making apps, making it right is what matters. The simple shapes, few colors used and typographies found in logos are not just for eye entertainment. It serves as a medium that conveys the company’s goals.

To get an idea of how you should design your logo, here are some example of logos and the secret behind its likability to consumers.

1 – eBay

The first logo of eBay would give consumers an impression that they are not serious with their business. With its letters in uneven baseline and loud colors, one would think that the logo is a WordArt cover letter. To show ‘real’ business and how passionate eBay with providing the best services for their clients, they refined the typography of the logo and put it on the same baseline to show simplicity. Colors are toned down and letter spacing is made even.

2 – Starbucks

Since Starbucks has been offering a lot of products aside from coffee, the company have decided to make its logo universal and simple. Starbucks wants to be known not only as a powerhouse that offers freshly brewed coffees and delicious cold blended drinks, but also a good place where everyone can enjoy delightful pastries and sandwiches.

From the previous siren logo with a word “coffee”, the logo designer team remove it as well as the black outlines that make the siren look laid back. They stick to the green color of the logo since it already made an association with the customers that green means Starbucks.

3 – FedEx

FedEx is considered as a timeless logo as it can go through any time but will remain true to its intention, thanks to the hidden arrow between the “E” and “x”. In just one glance, you will already have an idea what the company is all about. The hidden arrow makes it more convincing that this company will guarantee fast shipping of your packages and parcels.

No need for any fancy shapes and typographies.

4 – Wallmart

It’s a common knowledge that all-caps means something: it’s either you’re screaming or angry. For a company that aims to sell cheap products, help people save money and avail premium groceries, all-caps seems unfitting. That’s why the logo design team of Wallmart opt for a toned down blue color to express trustworthiness. They chose a more ‘humanistic’ simple font over letters with sharp edges and an asterisk to give an impression of light bulb that symbolizes smart choices.

So if you are planning to create a logo for your business, it is best to get a look on popular logos and understand what makes them iconic to millions of consumers. That is because knowing how to design your logo properly could be your ticket to success.

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