The 6 Hallmarks of a Solid Server Maintenance Company

Now, you may be thinking that the moment you hire the right hosting company, all your server problems go away. You might be thinking that both your existing as well as potential server issues are automatically solved because you are in the hands of a solid hosting company.

While, to some extent, that is true, keep in mind that the furthest extent of support you could get from the typical hosting company is that they would have somebody available to reset your server box. That’s it. By and large, that’s the industry standard.

If you are looking to offer the general public a high quality service provided through your website or your operating an online store, this is cold comfort. In fact, the typical solution offered by the typical hosting company is a day late and a buck short.

You have to start looking for a dedicated server maintenance company. They don’t just stick to the basics. They don’t just give you the bare minimum like a hosting company does. Instead, they dig in. They diagnose the problem, they do a deep dive, and they identify the issue and work with your software and hosting architecture to not only resolve the issue then and there, but ensure that the problem doesn’t materialize again. We’re talking about permanent solutions.

Considering the gravity of their duty, you really need to be very careful who you entrust this kind of job to. Here are the 6 hallmarks of a solid service provider.

The Reasons

Be very suspicious and skeptical of service providers that lack so much confidence in their work that they won’t even stand by it. This is a red flag.

Nothing speaks more to the professionalism of an organization and their ability to produce consistent results than the testimonials of people who have done business with them. Ask for references. Look into the track record of the company. If it looks spotty or they lack a track record, you would probably be better off looking for another service provider.

Now, certifications, in and of themselves, are neither here nor there. However, the fact that a company goes through the time and hassle of ensuring that their key staff members have proper certifications, it indicates their commitment to a certain level of professionalism. With everything else being equal, go with a company that has at least gone through the process of getting certified.

There are many server maintenance companies that simply replicate hosting company services. In other words, they basically just remotely reset your box. As mentioned above, that’s not the kind of service you’re looking for.

Look for companies that offer full server type support. In other words, they really go into the guts of your server and know the operating system like the back of their hands. This way, you can be assured that they would be able to get to the heart of whatever problems you may encounter and take care of whatever issues quickly and efficiently.

In the life of a typical service contract, there’s a good chance that your needs will change quite a bit. This is to be expected because companies evolve over time. In the beginning, you might be offering a certain type of software. Eventually, you might go into product sales or even service provisions. All sorts of things can happen. You need to do business with a company that would be able to keep up with the evolution of your enterprise.

The last thing that you want to do is to do business with a company that treats you like you need them more than they need you. That’s the kind of customer service you want to stay away from because if it weren’t for your business, the service provider won’t have a livelihood. Let’s keep it at that level. With everything else being equal, do business with a company that truly appreciates the value of your account.

Keep the 6 hallmarks above in mind when looking for a server maintenance company. There are a wide number of players on the market that offer this type of service, unfortunately, they are not created equal. Be very careful as to who you spend your hard earned dollars with because you sacrificed and worked hard for those dollars. It would be a shame for all those funds to go up in smoke.