While a reciprocating saw could refer to various saw styles such as the jigsaw or the scroll saw, it’s most commonly employed in describing the power handsaw as per the reciprocating saws review. It’s similar to a hammer drill and is made primarily to be used on both horizontal and vertical surfaces. Majority of the time a reciprocating saw is employed on construction sites, especially to work on vertical surfaces and for cutting out wallboard.

Majority of the reciprocating saws would include speed variance functionalities for the blade to actually be able to move up and down, plus back-and-forth, thus making it easier to perform hard cuts. As well, a foot is mostly located at the base of the blade so that you could steady the saw while cutting.

Let Us List The Major Reciprocating Saw Types You Could Select From.


The limitations associated with any corded power tool are clear. You must be near an electrical outlet. Most times, the cords supplied are rather short meaning that you must reach for an extension cable. Corded tools usually produce better power than what’s obtainable with battery-operated cordless alternatives. If you’re looking to do the heavy cutting on the job site, getting a corded reciprocating saw could be the right move.


Cordless reciprocating saws have a lot of benefits. Portability is however major. You could take it anywhere you require cutting without having to depend on a power source. You would enjoy more cutting actions since you could cut either horizontally or vertically. Cordless saws are accompanied by variable speed settings as well as orbital action for improved control. You would normally get longer cuts too. On the downside, you have to stop and wait for the battery to charge when it’s low. For complete convenience, cordless reciprocating saws make a correct choice.

Orbital Cuts

Reciprocating saws with orbital functionality cut in more of an elliptical or oval shape than purely up and down on a singular plane. You get a highly aggressive action and cut more quickly via an orbital setting.

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