A lot of people agree that we live on our mobile phones these days. This perception is correct as we all know a lot can be stored in a phone all through the months. Stuff like contacts, photos, mini-videos, SMS, all types of documents, etc. Sometimes secrets that we don’t want to leave flying around for our spouse to see. All this makes our phone an extension of our personality and obviously, we don’t want to lose that for anything in the world. This is the reason why it’s better to be aware of the simple tricks to localiser un telephone in case our phone is missing, but not only when it boils down to using it for professional or personal reasons.

The location of a mobile phone can help in solving a lot of problems such as theft, loss, need for a tracker, suspicion, etc.

Nobody enjoys poking into other people’s affairs, but there are times when one just needs to know a loved one’s location at any point during the day. Indeed, numerous reasons can be motivating factors for locating a mobile phone including;

  1. either your device has been stolen or you need to locate it for recovery
  2. your spouse or friend has been acting strangely and you have been suspicious about her/him
  3. you have an adolescent child who needs to be watched as they move around
  4. or you could be worried about the safety of your employees, goods, or merchandise, and desire to track their movements.

Whatever your reason for wanting to locate a mobile phone, you have to be aware that there are software solutions in existence that can guide you in your quest. Whether through the operating system of the smartphone or through a third party software, these solutions let you monitor, discretely or otherwise, a phone.

  1. Track a lost Android smartphone

Every Android device features a device management module that lets you locate a lost phone. If your mobile device has gone missing, sign into your Google account from the mobile device manager of another device. You would need to use the same google account associated with your phone.

The application will then attempt to locate and display your device’s last known location on a map.

If you just misplaced your phone, there are options you can use such as lock the device, ring the device, or erase all the data.

  1. Track a lost iPhone

From a PC or some other device, login into the iCloud.com portal with your Apple ID.

With mobile geolocation being enabled by default on all iOS devices, iCloud lets you track your phone through a web browser.

If your phone is close by, you can call it to find out its exact location.

In the alternative, if it’s been stolen, select the Lost Mode option that allows you to lock the device remotely.

If none of these options works, the only other option you have left is to remotely delete all of your iPhone’s data.

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