Make no mistake about it, if you’re traveling from one part of the world to another spot, please understand that there are many ways to look at this transition. Some people think that it’s just a simple matter of changing locations. They think that when they go to their destination, they’re pretty much back to where they came from. That’s their expectation. And as you probably already know, these people are usually let down.

That is the wrong mindset because you’re really missing out on what’s so awesome about traveling. You really are because what’s awesome about traveling is that when you go from one place in the world to another, you’re not just changing geographic locations. The climate, the flora, the fauna, the buildings, the layout, the lay of the land, all that changes.

But that’s not the important stuff. What’s important is that you change because there are going to be different people there. They have a different way of looking at life. They have a different way of doing things.

Now, to a lot of people, this is a scary thing, so they hang on to their old ways and there is, of course, a lot of friction. It’s not unusual for people who come from a certain economy to go to another economy, usually a developing one, and they judge. They think, “Why are you people doing things this way? Why are you so backward? Why are you so poor?” Talk about completely missing the point.

When you travel, it’s really all about being hosted within your mindset. And that’s what’s so awesome about it. You get an opportunity to look at the world with a fresh set of eyes.

For example, if you’re moving to Singapore, whether for business or pleasure, Singapore has a lot to teach you. Sure, you may be coming from Paris, France or Manhattan in New York, and you may be thinking, “What in the world could Singapore, this tiny spot in Southeast Asia, possibly have to teach me?”

Well, it can teach you a lot. First of all, Singapore is a melting pot. It is an intersection of many different cultures. We’re talking about India, Southeast Asia, China, and all points in between. It is also a great testimony to the impact of planning.

Singapore used to be dirt poor until they had the right leader. And this leader, Lee Kuan Yew, was very strong willed. He came up with the right decisions at the right time. Do you think people liked it? Do you think people had a good time? No. There was a lot of resistance.

So a lot of these lessons would sink in if you have an open mind. And that’s what’s so awesome about the Twin View condominium complex because it puts you front and center of all that’s awesome about Singapore.

So if you really want to feel like you’re hosting a new mindset, and if you have plans to go to Singapore, definitely look into leasing or buying a place at the Twin View condominium complex. This building is the latest and greatest of Southeast Asian architectural excellence. It really is.

When you look at it, it’s a massive glass and steel complex that is very sleek, very modern, and has all the creature comforts of the first world. After all, Singapore is the only first world country in Southeast Asia.

Do yourself a big favor, the next time you go traveling, travel with an open mind. You’d be surprised as to how you will come back changed and, believe it or not, improved after your trip.

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