is a hosting blog.  That’s right.  We live, breathe and sing hosting.  That’s all we do.  We eat and sleep hosting.  We understand how crucial hosting is because, let’s face it, if you have any kind of website and you don’t have a hosting service, nobody’s going to see that website.   It’s not like you’re going to print it all out and send it via snail mail to people who are interested in whatever service, product or other object of value you are promoting.  That’s just not the way it works.  It’s not like we’re back on the bad, old days of mail-order catalogues and printed newspapers.

That’s what’s so awesome about the internet. Everything is digital.  You can send people the right information at the right time quickly, painlessly and safely.  Sounds awesome, right?  Well, the problem is it’s too easy to end up with the wrong hosting company.  It really is. 

At, we have spread many years in understanding, investigating and knowing the hosting industry like the back of our hands.   We know the ins and outs of this industry.  We know how it works.  And the problem is that there are so many  hosting service providers out there that it’s really hard to make heads or tails of the different offerings.  It may even seem like they’re one and the same.

In fact, a lot of hosting customers pretty much thrown in the towel.  They’re under the impression that if you’ve seen one hosting company, you’ve pretty much seen them all.  Well, I’m sorry to tell you this, but if that is your attitude, your chances of picking the very worst service provider is actually quite high.   Because if you think that you’ve seen one hosting company and can safely assume that you’ve seen them all,  you are essentially assuming that they are all the same.  This is a perfect recipe for a disaster.  Believe me, I’m not saying this lightly.  I’m not saying this to insult you.  I’m not saying this to degrade you or diminish you in any way.  I say this with a lot of pain in my heart because this is what happened to me.

When I was first starting out with my online blog,  I picked the cheapest provider I can get because after all, at the back of my mind, these companies all offer hosting.  They all say that they’re going to make your website visible.  They all would have customer service available around the clock.  They all offer e-mail, phone and social media support.  So, if they’re all saying the same thing, then I can pretty much decide based solely on price.   That was my assumption and boy, was I wrong.   And it didn’t take long for me to see the errors of my ways because when my website showed a database error, I had to spend several days trying to get a hold of somebody.  And, after I did get a hold of a flesh and blood human being, I had to keep talking to that person because, for some reason or another,  plain English doesn’t register well with them.

So, after several weeks of a process that felt like pulling teeth, I was able to finally solve the problem only to be greeted with another problem the month after that, and I went through the same gruelling and excruciating process again.  Talk about a hassle.  Instead of enjoying my business, I basically spent several months putting out fires.  As soon as one problem died down,  I was faced with another problem and it all involved my hosting.

Well, I saw the value of proper research when I switched from that company to another better known company.  It was like day and night.  In fact, regardless of where I was, maybe I was in Thailand, maybe I was in the Philippines or maybe I was in Eastern Europe, when I tried to load my website, it showed up.  No drama.  No hassles.  No blood spilled.  It just showed up on time, every time; all day, every day.   I share this with you because your choice of hosting company can mean a lot.  If you think it’s frustrating on your end when fires break out, what do you think your prospective customers or prospective blog readers would feel.

Let me tell you, it’s bad enough that the vast majority of people who visit your website will only show up once, and only once.   That’s right, most of them will never come back.  That’s a fact of life.  Even if they had a good time, they are one-time big-time visitors.  You can take that to the bank. You can wrap your mind around that.  If you don’t build your business on that fact then chances are, you are going to fail.  That’s a sad reality that online entrepreneurs have to wake up to.  I mean, that’s bad enough as it is.  Can you imagine when your website doesn’t show up.

So, instead of giving people who really will only show up once an opportunity to come back again or do something that will somehow, some way add extra dollars in your bank account, are turned off because your website doesn’t show up, you’re dead in the water.  And the worst part to all of this?  Believe it or not, it’s that it’s all invisible.  It’s not like you’re constantly loading up your website and you can see when it dies on you.  Instead, you’re the last person to know.  The only way you would know really is the amount of dollars in your online bank account.

For some reason or another, regardless of how much time, effort and energy you put into promoting your online brand, you’re not getting anywhere.  And, believe me or not, in many cases it has nothing to do with your content.  It has nothing to do with whether your store is set up properly.  It has nothing to do with whether you have infographics, pictures, videos and any other multi-media items on your site.  In most cases it has everything to do with your host.  Sounds frustrating, right?  Well, you don’t have to put yourself in this situation.

Seriously, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  I don’t want to sound like some sort of cliche but it’s absolutely true.  Do yourself a big favor.  You have to look at the different alternatives to Blogger out there.  You can’t just put your website on a free host and waste money because people think that free hosts are home of low quality sites.  This is especially true if you’re trying to make money.  You can’t say to people that they should take you seriously when you have a site.  People will laugh at you.   The same goes with  But,

unfortunately, looking for non-free hosting service providers can also be a total crapshoot.  You might end up with a company that doesn’t care whether your website is visible or not.  Is there a solution to this?  Is there a way out of all this madness?  There is.

To make sure you make the right call in your efforts in finding the right alternatives to Blogger, click here.   We have done your homework for you.  Now, please keep in mind that this list is not perfect.  It’s not comprehensive but, at least, it’s a place to start.  It gives you enough information so you can make a truly informed decision.   This is so much better than starting from scratch.

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