Have you taken a critical look at your golf shoes of late? Not the brief look when you lower your head before swinging but have you done a critical analysis of your shoes of recent? The kind of analysis that makes you think you need to get different pairs of shoes. The ability to hit a golf ball flush is dependent on the foot stability, balance and swing path. A club is not high on the list. Seriously, professional golfers alter sponsors with the seasons. However, the golf shoe happens to be one of the least appreciated pieces of equipment that we make use of every round, and it is one of the pieces of equipment that we are loyal to as far as branding is concerned. We love them not only because they look good but due to the fact that they feel awesome. The golf shoe is involved in each single shot.

Some of the swing faults we experience are either associated with trying to look for the shot prior to hitting it, or simply bad ball positioning. On the other hand, slipping out of a shot is something that we could fix easily. One does not need a swing coach to fix a worn out set of golf shoes or golf spikes.

Golf shoes represent the last piece of “golf apparel” that I would like to have replaced. A very good pair of shoes could go for over $150 at times. One could contest that they are worth the price because a very good pair of golf shoes could survive a minimum of four or five sets of golf spikes before you have the shoe replaced. That’s a very good deal if you carefully examine it.

Golf shoes are made by a lot of brands. We possibly won’t be able to try all of them in our lifetime, therefore, I would say that it is OK to have brand loyalty with golf shoes. However, before you go out and overshoot your budget on a fresh pair of golf shoes, examine all options first.

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