Due to the rise of consumer GPS over the past few years, only a few brands have been able to dominate the competitive marketplace, these brands include Garmin and TomTom. The fact that the marketplace is competitive is of great benefit to all of us because it implies that we see newest and advanced features as well as significant enhancements regularly – in fact, it should not take you by surprise to see the newest models of portable GPS accessories on gpshandyorten.de feature Wi-Fi or 3g support to directly update services such as Twitter and to ensure that the GPS tweet your location.

There are numerous varieties of GPS units available on the marketplace: vehicle GPS units – handheld GPS receivers, generally portable, wearable GPS receivers (similar to wearing a watch), GPS manufactured for golfers, marine GPS, and wearable GPS made specifically for sports enthusiasts like runners and cyclers.

While a unit designed for a vehicle may be compatible with a bicycle, the fact still remains that that is not the main purpose of designing the product and the results may not be palatable, so I disagree that you can use a GPS designed for a specific task for another purpose entirely, they do not work well together – unless they were designed for the intended usage.

Vehicle GPS Units
Most units are incredibly portable, and the advanced models are light and extremely thin to be carried in your shirt pockets. Also, some of these advanced units are multi-purpose, which implies that you can place it inside your car or move around the town with the device to help you locate new places. Vehicle GPS units are available in different price rate ranging from $75.00 for redesigned units to at least $500.00 for a multi-purpose unit that comes with all the latest features which include cameras and voice control navigation.

Handheld GPS Receivers
These are designed to be a little more rugged and durable and they can be used inside the cars, bicycles and can also be used by hikers. For instance, the Garmin GPS 60CSx Handheld GPS Navigator is designed specifically for hikers and people that usually stay outdoor for the most part of the day. Many of these units are also designed with a waterproof feature, and with an advanced GPS receiver made by SiRF. With this unit, you can detect your location even in canyons and tree cover. Handheld GPS receivers are not compatible with vehicles.

Wearable GPS Receivers
These gadgets are suitable for cyclists and runners as many of these units come with heart rate monitors as well. The Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS Receiver features the heart rate monitor. Asides from running and cycling, this variety of receivers are ideally suited for windsurfers and cross-country skiers. There are lots of advanced features incorporated into this GPS receiver such as the ability to transfer workout data into the device for comprehensive analysis.

While it may not be feasible having numerous GPS units for different purposes, it is similar to having the right accessory for the job. When you put this into thought and reflect deeply on it, you will see the reason why you need to opt for the right GPS made specifically for the intended purpose as it enables you to make an informed decision.

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