Swaddling can be described as one of those strange parenting techniques that look so devastating before you deliver your own baby to practice on. When faced with this issue, though, mastering this technique can save you out of unpalatable situations, especially if your kid has sleeping problems or he likes to wake up a lot in night period. You may get to master this technique with a conventional swaddle blanket if you attend a parenting class, or you might be forced to learn swaddling technique once your baby arrives. Irrespective of the techniques used, it is quite difficult to swaddle some babies and they always find a way to break free from the blanket, no matter how you strengthen or tighten the blanket. Nevertheless, this tutorial from Momming blog about the best baby swaddle blankets and how to use them should be beneficial.

Why Swaddle a Baby?

I am excited you asked! Swaddling is an age-long practice that has existed for centuries and it helps to make the baby feel comfortable and for the stimulation of the womb. It can give your baby sound sleep especially if she likes to disturb at night period with flailing hands. In addition, infant care experts now recommend that kids should rest on their backs as a result of the possibilities of SIDS with other sleeping techniques; swaddling produce a natural soothing effect for babies and make the baby more comfortable while lying the back-sleeping position.

Is There Any Reason Not to Swaddle?

If your baby follows the right procedure by sleeping and waking up (on her back) without using this technique, then you can easily avoid it. If you use a swaddle blanket that can easily loosen itself, always remember that this can be risky and unsafe, especially for the new babies. Finally, if you plan on using this technique for an extended period, then it is wise to select a swaddle that aids free movement of the body parts, as this will help keep the baby in a safe and secure environment. It is advisable to consider these factors if you want to give your baby a comfortable and healthy lifestyle.

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